Dive Right In!

We believe learning to swim is a necessary skill and a rewarding experience. Our committed instructors are continously trained to ensure they can inspire learning within a structured teaching programme, which mirrors the teaching format used in schools, that is adapted to each individual.

Motivation and Monitoring

Our primary focus is to ensure safety and confidence in the water through offering weekly term time lessons or intensive 5 day courses during school holidays.There are 7 Progressions in the Aqua Quack Scheme, which culminates in effective and efficient strokes. Instructors assess at various points during the term to ensure that learning is maximised and, Where possible, classes stay the same with all children progressing together. Instructors will discuss with parents or guardians if a child would benefit from a stronger or weaker class . Children are involved in the sport for their enjoyment and achievement.

“AquaQuack aims to ensure that each lesson aids learning, through clear lesson format, feedback, and fun. ”

How to Sign up

Contact your local AquaQuack site. Students will be assessed over the phone or during a short and FREE swim assessment at you local site.

Students will be allocated a class or will be placed on the reserve list until the beginning of the next term.

AquaQuack at your pool

  • Not feeling confident with your current swim scheme?

  • Want help setting up a swim school from scratch?

  • Want to work with consultants who provide ongoing support?

  • Want to ensure ongoing development for staff and Instructors?

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